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All about jagua tattoos

1. Is jagua a purely natural product?

We place great value on the skin sensitivity of our products. Therefore, we use only natural dyes and care products. The black colour we use is jagua gel. The gel is prepared from an extract of the South American genipapa fruit.

2. How long does a jagua tattoo last?
Jagua tattoos usually last one week. With good care, they last up to two weeks. You can find appropriate care instructions on our homepage.
3. How long can I keep jagua gel?

Jagua gel must be stored in the refrigerator and has a shelf life of up to one month. For a longer shelf life, jagua gel can be frozen. Then it can be used for up to three months. It is advisable to separate larger quantities of jagua into portions.

4. What are the differences between henna paste and jagua gel?

The main difference is the colour. Henna is obtained from crushed leaves and stems of the henna tree and is used for colouring skin and hair. Henna has a dark brown-reddish colour.  Jagua gel, which is made from the sap of the South American genipap fruit, has a dark blue-black colour.

5. Is jagua gel harmless?

All our products are completely natural and free from any chemical additives. So they are safe for your skin.

Nevertheless, in individual cases they can cause contact allergies. To test for this, it is best to apply a small amount of the product to the crook of your arm and leave it to take effect for 10-15 minutes. If there is no reaction after 48h, you can apply the product safely.

6. Can an allergic reaction occur during application?

We only use natural products free from all chemical additives in order to protect the skin and hair. Even with natural  products, allergic reactions can occur in rare cases. To exclude such cases, recommend to make a skin test.

7. Why does MyJagua not use black henna?

Black henna contains the controversial chemical para-phenylenediamine (PPD). The substance PPD is often used in black hair dye and is very harmful to the skin. It can lead to scarring and skin burns. Therefore, we carry no black henna paste and rely only on purely natural products. Our alternative: jagua gel. It also has a dark blue-black colour and is made from the juice of the genipapa fruit.

8. How do I maintain a jagua tattoo?
Good care can prolong the life of your tattoo. To do this, lubricate the tattoo regularly with “bio argan oil” or other nourishing oils. Please make sure that the tattoo does not come into contact with toiletries containing alcohol or other chemical additives.
9. Does Jagua Tattoos disappear without leaving a trace on the surface of the skin?
Yes, jagua leave no marks on the skin and disappear completely with time.
10. How long is the drying time for jagua gel and what needs to be considered?

After the jagua tattoo has been applied, it must first be allowed to dry for 15-30 minutes. Please note: jagua acts very easily. Ensure that the jagua does not smear or touch clothing. The gel should be left to act for max. 3 hours. Wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove traces of ink until the pattern can hardly be seen. At first, the colour will be light grey and will develop into a blue-black tattoo in the course of the next 24 hours. At this stage it is very important to keep the tattoo warm. The colour develops with heat. Use a hot water bottle, a corn heat pad, etc.

11. Does MyJagua also offer white henna?

Currently we do not offer the white colour. These are body painting or acrylic based paints. The colours are highly water soluble and therefore last only one day or until they are washed off.

We are working to offer more durable a natural dye.

12. The colour has not developed well and looks pale, what can I do?
Our products are free from chemical additives and thus act differently depending on the skin type. Note that the colour requires around 24 hours to develop. If the colour does not meet your requirements after this time, please contact us by email at info [at] myjagua.com or phone. Please send us a recent photo of your tattoo in order for us to check if it is ok or not
13. Why did my jagua tattoo disappear after washing?

This is a normal part of the process. The development of the colour of jagua gel takes between 24-48 hours. The intensity of the colour develops gradually. It requires heat and time. Note that the colour of the jagua gel rubs off in the first 24 hours. We recommend protecting the tattoo with a light dressing and not to sleep on it.

14. How can I remove jagua tattoo early or if, for example, I have smeared it?

It takes a lot of patience to remove jagua gel tattoos early. Exfoliation and the use of alcohol-soaked cotton pads are good ways to make your tattoo fade more quickly.

15. Why is my tattoo darker on my fingers than elsewhere on my body?

This effect is significantly influenced by the protein keratin. It occurs more densely in the fingers. The outer layer of skin takes in the colour more intensely, thus ensuring a stronger colour development.

26. Why is my tattoo very light even after sufficient exposure?

Every skin is different so colour results will vary. The skin could be too dry or too oily, for example. This lay stop the skin pores taking in the the colour properly. In order to achieve the best colour results, we recommend that you exfoliate the skin area before applying the body paint, clean it with alcohol and keep it warm.


Questions about our online shop

1. What are my payment options in the online shop?

Prepayment: we reserve your chosen item for up to seven days from ordering. So you can easily transfer or pay the invoice amount. The account information can be found in our order confirmation, which we send to you directly after your order via email. Please ensure you provide full and accurate information when making the transfer, so that we can match the payment and get your order to you quickly. Once the payment has been received in our account, we can process the order and ship the item. You will receive a shipping confirmation email. Your delivery is then usually completed within the specified time.

PayPal: you can pay using a PayPal account, if you have one. Or open an account during the order at www.paypal.de. This gives you the opportunity to shop quickly and safely in many online stores around the world.

2. Is there a minimum order value?

We have no minimum order value.

3. My login to the MyJagua online shop does not work, what can I do?

Have you entered the correct email address and the correct password? If you have forgotten your password, simply ask for a new one. Or send our service team an email at info[at]myjagua.com

4. What are the advantages of registering and opening an account?

As a registered customer it is even easier and quicker to buy from the MyJagua online shop. Your address data is already filled in on the order page. You can also save further delivery addresses. The account gives you an overview of your orders and you can change your personal data at any time.

If you are registered for our newsletter, you will receive selected special offers by email and are always kept up to date.

5. Does MyJagua deliver abroad?
Yes, we also deliver abroad. We ship our goods within Europe & USA  (e.g.: Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Denmark…). The shipping cost is €3.70 for uninsured shipping abroad. The cost of insured shipping depends on the destination country. For more information: click here

6. How can I contact MyJagua with questions about my online purchase?

Use our contact form and send us an email. Our service team will be happy to answer your question as soon as possible. Our Email is: info[at]myjagua.com

7. How can I contact MyJagua regarding other issues?
Use our contact form and send us an email. Our service team will be happy to answer your question as soon as possible. Our Email is: info[at]myjagua.com
8. My name or my address has changed - what should I do?

Once you have logged in to the MyJagua online shop, you can change your name and address simply by clicking “My Account” at the top right.

9. How secure is my data?

Your trust is important to us.

Your personal information is always transferred to us encrypted by digital security systems. Our websites are protected by technical measures against damage, destruction or unauthorised access. Any employees that may handle your personal data will have signed a strict privacy policy.

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